Industry FAQ’s relating to Covid 19

Can we film on streets and open spaces?

We are now accepting applications for small scale filming on street and in open spaces, however you must follow social distancing regulations. This means that you should leave a gap determined by following current government guidelines between your crew and any members of the public. Some locations might be impossible to use under these circumstances.

There are guidelines published by PACT, APA, BECTU and others. These will help you create a COVID-19 risk assessment. You will need to include any mitigation measures outlined in your Risk Assessment in a method statement that we will require in writing in advance of filming.

The council has a duty of care to the public and will not agree to any filming request that does not contain realistic proposals to protect the public.

How long will it take to review a filming request?

We are aiming to process simple applications within a few working days however more complicated ones will take two weeks or possibly more.

Will we need to close a pavement or a street?

It may be considered on some shoots as there may be no other way of ensuring an exclusion zone for your crew. We will review your request along with other council stakeholders, however we cannot guarantee that these will be accepted for each application. They will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will be dependent on a number of mitigating factors.

Suffolk Highways are currently exceptionally busy, so please allow extra time if a request for a closure is needed.

We are filming in a small terraced house, which means many of the crew have to stay outside to conform to social distancing guidelines – can they standby on the pavement?

If your method statement designates a pavement as a holding area, then it will probably need to be closed so that the crew can have exclusive use. If this closure makes it difficult for the public to gain access or to use the pavement safely, then permission will be withheld.

Are you accepting drone filming at this time?

We are accepting drone filming applications. You will still need to ensure social distancing of your crew members to the public when creating your plans and provide a risk assessment for all aspects of the filming.

Are you accepting applications for larger scale filming?

We are happy to discuss the requirements for any filming and to understand your proposals for adhering to social distancing guidance. However, at this time we feel that large scale filming may only be achievable with complete control over a location such as a road closure or partial closure of a public space, as such it might not be possible to accommodate all requests due to time restraints and/or pre-existing laws about the use of public space.