Boudica: Queen of War


Today sees the release onto Amazon Prime of Boudica: Queen of War.  The film tells the story of Boudica the eponymous Celtic warrior who ruled the Iceni people alongside her husband, Prasutagus. The King dies at the hands of Roman soldiers, leaving Boudica’s kingdom without a male heir, and the Romans seize her land and property.  The film stars Olga Kurylenko (James Bond: Quantam of Solace) and Nick Moran (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).

Screen Suffolk were delighted to work with the production in the Autumn of 2022.  We helped secure a unit base in Woodbridge to support their woodland filming nearby and one of the key battle scenes used St Lawrence Church on Dial Lane in Ipswich as a back drop.  It was incredible to see the centre of Ipswich transformed for the scene with scores of supporting artists wielding shields and swords!

Boudica at Dial Lane Ipswich

Picture Perfect, one of the production companies for the film is based in Suffolk and it’s not the first, or hopefully the last, time that we work with them.  Earlier this year saw the release of their film One Ranger starring John Malcovich and Lucinda Thakrar from Picture Perfect said.

“We actually shoot a lot of movies in Ipswich and other areas in and around Suffolk.  It’s friendly and stunning and all the cast and crew enjoy coming to Suffolk and away from built up areas.”

Much of Boudica was filmed in woodland near Martlesham and Lucinda and Picture Perfect certainly get the best out of the Suffolk scenery, filming in towns and country.  They have produced a number of military films and have worked extensively with Bentwaters Parks as a location.