Wellbeing and mental health in the industry is changing very quickly, with new agreements being negotiated between organisations such as BECTU and PACT

New regulations that came into force on 1/1/23 can be seen at https://bectu.org.uk/news/bectu-members-vote-to-accept-new-tv-drama-agreement

Whilst this is progress, we understand that many people need support or someone to talk to.

It’s really important to get support and advice and there are a number of ways that could help such as:

Talking to the other crew.

Speak to a wellbeing facilitator or an on-set nurse.

Create networks/Whatsapp groups.

There are lots of resources available which are free and confidential.

24/7 Support Line on 0800 054 0000 to talk through professional or emotional issues.

Advice on Wellbeing

Film In Mind advocates for better mental health in the film industry, providing consultation and therapy for the filmmaking community.

Bespoke mental health training for TV & Film