Bill Davey - Stunt Coordinator/Performer

Bill Davey is a hugely experienced Stunt Coordinator and is a Full Member of the Stunt Register. He has worked on many blockbuster movies, such as "Children of Men", "Robin Hood" and "National treasure: Book of Secrets", and major television series such as "Game of Thrones" and "Dr Who".


One Stop Action Shop

ONE STOP ACTION SHOP can supply all your action needs for FILM and TELEVISION. Armoury and weapons; special effects and pyrotechnics; stunts; visual effects; bespoke vehicles and handmade action props. We can also train your crew and cast to ensure safety on set and provide realistic action on screen.


Tidd James

Stunt Coordinator, Fight Arranger & Sword Master.

Highly experienced professional Stunt Coordinator/Performer who has turned the many years of knowledge and experience into Coordinating. Offers extra vision and creativity with excellent communication skills with safety always in mind.

07768 502560

Glynn McKay Associates Special Effects Makeup

Manufacturer of SFX Makeup - mainly blood effects and Bruise Gels. Deliveries can be made locally if required and in bulk supplies.

01728 723865