Screen Suffolk 116 filming days

"The message is spreading and industry heads are turning Suffolk-wards"


After the rip-roaring success of our time in the Inbetweeners Area at Latitude Festival – industry speakers, unmissable screenings and galvanised teenagers galore – we’re delighted to now have even more great news to share about the wonderful month of July…

…The stats are in, and we can officially announce that July saw our highest monthly number of filming days to date, with a total of 45 filming days across the county. This takes our running total of filming days since we launched to the industry last December to an exciting 116! We launched with the objective of achieving 100 filming days in our first year, so we’re thrilled to have smashed that target before the Summer’s even out.

We’re also making daily progress with building our network and we’re looking forward to discovering the connections and contacts that the rest of the year has in store. You can join forces with us in so many ways – by registering as a cast or crew member, by signing up to be informed of local career and training opportunities, by registering your property as a potential film location, or by giving us a simple thumbs up and follow on the web (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – collect ’em all!)

The message is spreading and industry heads are turning Suffolk-wards. And with all the beauty, uniqueness and people power that the county has to offer, who can blame them?!

Get in touch by calling 0333 700 7833 or drop us an email to info@screensuffolk and say hi.