Supporting Suffolk through film maker donations

Rural Coffee Caravan logo

"We seek to connect filmmakers with local charities"


Screen Suffolk is committed to asking for donations on behalf of residents whenever it’s appropriate, and with this in mind, we seek to connect filmmakers with local charities.

One outstanding charity that’s already caught our eye is the Rural Coffee Caravan project – tackling isolation in villages.

The charity takes along information, tea, coffee and cakes on a regular basis to rural villages which perhaps no longer have a village hall, post office, shop or pub where villagers would normally get together.

Armed with leaflets, and often with specialists from organisations like Age UK, council officers, or community police officers, the caravan helps to answer the questions of people feeling a bit cut off, and to make sure they are receiving all their benefits and entitlements, if they need some help with advice and applications.

Garry Simmonds who works with the project has already been supporting Screen Suffolk by uncovering some of the county’s best secret locations. His photos and location details will join Screen Suffolk’s online locations library – showing off what the county has to offer, to the world’s film industry.

Screen Suffolk director Karen Everett says, “I’m sure there aren’t many people who know Suffolk and its hidden corners quite so well as Garry and the Coffee Caravan team. So, we’re very lucky Garry has shared his knowledge with us.

“Considerate crews working respectfully among residents keep filming sustainable in England. Tax incentives continue to attract more and bigger Hollywood-style films – and residents should feel the beneficial impact.”

Garry adds, “As a free information service along with free coffee, tea and cakes, we serve many purposes. Villagers can come along and use us a café, as a way to meet up with neighbours, or as a chance to use our facilitators if they are a bit self-conscious. To be honest, we are quite looking forward to the chance of introducing Hollywood’s A-list to our rural communities.”