Resident and Business FAQ’s

A film crew are outside my house/business, how come they can work but we are told to stay at home?

In line with the government instruction that people can return to work if they are unable to work from home, the government has also confirmed that filming can recommence across the UK, as long as it can adhere to social distancing guidelines. Much of the film industry could not work from home and as such production companies and their employees have returned to work, which includes filming in the public realm, such as on the pavement.

Production companies are expected to comply with strict guidelines about social distancing and to protect their employees and the public from any possible contact with the COVID-19 virus whilst undertaking their work. 

The crew are not following any social distancing guidelines.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to report any issues via email at or phone at 0333 700 7833.

I don’t want a film crew coming anywhere near our home. My family members are at risk and all of these extra people are a direct danger. 

We review all applications we receive with great care and with a focus on the ability to implement social distancing. The safety of the public is one of our paramount concerns. We would not accept an application if we felt the production was not able to follow the social distancing guidance of the government and if it were a risk to the public’s safety. 

Like everyone else, the film industry has been instructed to go back to work and much of this work takes place in the public realm which includes pavements, highways, parks, and other open spaces. The film crew want to avoid being a risk to you and your family and wish to be socially distanced and able to work in a safe environment as well.

When the time comes that you plan on leaving your house, you should find that the film crew have procedures in place in order to maintain social distancing from you as if they were another member of the public walking down the street. These procedures have been reviewed and approved by Screen Suffolk in line with industry guidelines to ensure that the film crew do not pose a risk to the public, and that the public do not pose a risk to the film crew. If you still have concerns, please call on 0333 700 8733 and we can organise for you to discuss your concerns with the location manager on site.