Stoptober 2017 shot entirely in Suffolk

Stoptober advert shot entirely in Suffolk


After M&C Saatchi set out its location brief for filming of this year’s advert, Screen Suffolk was able to secure the work entirely in the county thanks to its range of different landscapes. The advert features people from different walks of life keeping a football up and passing it on from shot to shot, taking in towns, coastline, parks and housing.

Screen Suffolk director Karen Everett said: “The production thought they’d have to film in London and perhaps travel quite extensively. But when we started talking about locations it looked obvious that this was one we could wrangle entirely into the county. The next challenge was meeting the locations brief in just two days. We took the production on a recce – from location to location until the right ones were found and the full brief was met. It’s great to see them on film now.”

Location manager Ben Carter said: “Working in Suffolk was so much easier than in London, especially because we had to get from location to location in such short timeframes. Finding that sort of variety packed into small areas was eye opening for me. The brief was that our locations should be representative of a broad cross-section of England – all of which Suffolk could do for us. There are few places in the country that could have managed that.”

Mrs Everett added: “The fact is Suffolk is perfect in a situation like this – with the full variety of locations available within a small area. It’s not congested here, and we really know our patch, so we can show location managers hidden corners of the county.”

Text taken from EADT