CAMA – The Best Asset for a Greener Production


We were invited by CAMA into the heart of East Suffolk, up a farm track, and arrived at a series of huge units. 

With feeding mechanisms still being present in these refurbished agricultural buildings, they now hold an array of film and television assets. One contains sets and props from five high profile productions and a second unit is now having sets and props arrive from a large scale movie.

The model is genius with studio flats sometimes being stored during production, (up to 2 years) or to be retained for a returning series.

CAMA Asset Store was founded in 1900 and during the war it was contracted to collect scrap metal for the war effort.  Since then the company works with clients internationally to store a company’s assets.  They use state of the art software to manage the flow, movement and sustainability of any assets stored and they have specialist repurposing services to give props, costumes and sets a second, third & even fourth life.

Anything that is no longer needed is disposed of sustainably and nothing is skipped.  Wood can be useful for other builds, props are donated where they are needed. In the past productions would destroy these and now they are getting reused and recycled.

CAMA have recently helped the YMCA to raise over £17,000. CAMA are a long term partner of the YMCA and when a medieval production wanted to dead strike their 6000 assets CAMA gave the majority to the YMCA and they worked their magic!  Items included helmets and armour.  Read their article here.

Costume recycled by the YMCA from a Medieval film

The list of productions that have worked with CAMA is impressive, Bridgerton, King’s Men, Rocket Man and Jingle Jangle to name a few.  See the full list here.

They have several sites across Suffolk with one storing vehicles and aircraft from major productions.

We were excited to hear about the future plans for expansion across the county and owner Michelle French explains why East Anglia is such a great region for them.

“I have a great fondness for East Anglia because of family links and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be able to support the creative industries in this beautiful part of the UK” 

With the increase of filming in Suffolk it’s great to know that we have such a fabulous facility on our doorstep.  If you work with props and costumes then CAMA is for you!  For more information head to CAMA’s website –