Film crews hit the beach


Summer 2018 hasn’t just seen holiday makers and school kids hitting the beaches – Screen Suffolk has helped countless productions shoot their, TV, film and still photography on our stunning coastline.

The Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis production had fabulous weather for their shoot on the ever popular Shingle St.  It was the last scenes that they shot in the region and we can’t wait to see how it looks when the film airs next year.

Felixstowe has seen perhaps the most filming action of any of the regions beaches this year.  Landscape Artist of the Year set up their artists pods for the semi final of the series on the shore with a glorious view of the docks.  Next came Coast V Country with several shoots in and around Felixstowe. Marie Claire also shot for the magazine near the pier and in the town.

The ever popular Walberswick beach, as well as being packed with tourists, also welcomed Dorothy Perkins on a rainy August Wednesday.  Even with the inclement weather they managed to get all the shots they needed when the sun broke through the clouds.

Lowestoft seafront will be featuring heavily in peoples living rooms next year after hosting CBBC’s All Over the Place, A Place in the Sun – Home or Away and How to Lose Weight Well.

It’s been a delight to help make applying to film by the sea quick and easy for productions and we help to help countless more people as Summer turns into Autumn.

Screen Suffolk can permit filming on almost all of the beaches in the county so if you would like to film on any of them please get in touch at