Suffolk filmmaker’s kickstarter for endangered species


Suffolk based company Outstanding.Global are part of an international project to bring the plight of Cheetah’s to light with a kickstarter crowd-funding campaign.

Outstanding.Global promotes outstanding performance in Business Leadership worldwide.  For this they embrace Environment and Arts as crucial components for a sustainable future for business.  The company was created by Suffolk residents Ric Edelman and Nigel Hughes.

Ric Edelman and Nigel Hughes

Ric and Nigel also created the Suffolk based Green Light Trust which  has helped thousands of people challenged with mental health issues through their programme of forest based courses.

Cheetah is inspired by true events, the dramatic thriller follows a poacher turned conservationist who fights to protect the rare Asiatic Cheetah, of which fewer than 50 remain in the deserts of northern Iran.

Ric wrote the script and Nigel is the executive producer of the project and both live in Suffolk.   Ric was drive to make the film because:

“The inspiration for the film was twofold: the aerodynamic miracle of the creature itself that we could be on the point of losing forever, and the awesome courage of the unsung heroes fighting for its survival”

Asiatic cheetah in scrubland credit Arash Ghoddousi

Nigel knows that time is running out for this creature and states,

“I want to alert the world to the plight of the magnificent Asiatic Cheetah and the people giving their lives to protect it. Our aim is to make a film with sustainability as a core value, using my background in rainforest conservation and new woodland creation. CHEETAH presents us with my next big challenge to take decisive action before time runs out”

As well as the kickstarter fund the production has been running fortnightly insight sessions between the filmmakers and supporters, who will follow the progress of the project throughout the production process. More can be found at  Head to website to find out more about how to support this amazing project.